Local Nail Salon: Sugar Nails Salon wants you to know about the three types of infection control salons employ.

Local Nail Salon & Principles of Prevention

A local nail salon dealing with the public on a daily basis has a big responsibility on their hands. They need to ensure that their customers are receiving the highest levels of customer service each and every day. But a nail salon and its leadership have a threat level orange when it comes to the health and safety of it’s clientele and the general public.

These days it never hurts to make sure you know the latest when it comes to washing your hands and taking care of yourself out in public. Sugar Nails Salon in New Bedford MA takes the health and safety of it’s nail art customers seriously like most local nail salons would.

Controlling infection within your nail salon environment for the public’s protection is job one. But how can a nail salon ensure that they are keeping their establishment infection-free? Let’s review some of the powerful ways a local nail salon can stay 100%.

  1. CLEANING: That’s right common sense cleaning is the first line of defense when it comes to the safety of your nail salon and your customers. Customers should all be washing their hands with warmer water and anti-microbial soap. At Sugar Nails salon in New Bedford, we like to use a wonderful foaming mango anti-microbial soap. Wash in warmer (hot – but not hurtful to clients). Keep fresh wash towels close by. Not only is it a great way to prevent germs and to stay clean but it sure does feel good too!

In terms of the mechanical process of general cleaning, we use detergents and water to clean any visible debris and germs from the nail salon equipment, tools etc. General cleaning is always step one in a local nail salon. Sweep the floors. Clean all counter tops, seats etc. Cleaning won’t remove everything we need to get rid of to ensure our nail salons are clean and ready to serve our clients, but it’s THE first step in the entire process.

2) DISINFECTION: This is usually the second and final step in the cleaning process for salons. The two together are a powerful way of keeping your clients safe and well-served. While cleaning with soap and water is called the “mechanical cleaning process”, disinfection is called the “chemical cleaning process”.

During this part of the nail salon cleaning process, we’re going to use EPA-approved disinfectants to kill a majority of germs and microbes that can make their way into your salon during normal course of business. Part of being ready to perform disinfection is making sure you gave the place a good cleaning first. You can’t have one without the other.

Disinfectants are no joke. They destroy viruses, fungi and bacteria. But you need to use them just as described in their user manuals. If you’re a local nail salon, you’ll have SDS sheets available that tell you all the harsh ingredients that can be found in them.

Local nail salon employees will always use gloves and masks when working with disinfectants. We’ll also always ensure we’re mixing our chemical ingredients appropriately to ensure their efficacy.

3) STERILIZATION: This is usually the third and final step when it comes to ensuring your local nail salon is providing a healthy and safe service to local nail art customers. Sterilization completely and utterly destroys all microbial life. It is the last and final word when it comes to cleaning. The process of sterilization however requires using a specialized piece of equipment called an autoclave. The equipment produces a specialized type of pressurized steam that completely obliviates all forms of microbial life.

But an autoclave is a small piece of equipment so many items we use on a daily basis in our local nail salons won’t fit in it. This makes it not as viable as it could be for a salon. Fortunately disinfection is more than enough to ensure your nail salon is clean for customers.

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