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Nail Salon Procedures and Policies

Nail Salon Policies and Procedures are vital to the successful operations of Nail Salons in the city of New Bedford Massachusetts. Serving the people of New Bedford Massachusetts is our joy. We need to preserve the trust by ensuring our nail salon policies and procedures are up to par and within the current guidelines.


Online Appts Only? Hiring staff to answer phone calls, adds cost to our nail services pricing.

Keeping our nail services inexpensive in New Bedford MA

The same way nail salon late arrivals and missed appointments add to the cost of New Bedford MA nail salon services, is the same way that having to hire staff just to answer calls, turns into higher prices for beauty services in general, including nail art services.

We prefer to keep your costs for nail services low. So we don’t hire additional staff that will increase your costs.

A completely online booking system for personalized service.

Our nail techs ensure that you have our undivided attention when we’re creating nail art for you. You certainly do not want us answering the phone and having any kind of conversations while we’re performing art on your nails.

It’s just not cool when we see so many personal service providers using their phone while you’re waiting. So we focus on our clients while they are here. Phone calls can wait – but you shouldn’t.


What is your phone policy?

We’re licensed nail technicians not call center operators. We do nails. Period. So we simply do not answer the phone except to scan messages to ensure we don’t miss anything important. We urge all our clients and potential clients to book their appointment online and arrive on-time for their appointments. They will have our undivided attention when they arrive. We keep it simple this way. It makes for a great experience for everyone!


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Nail Salon Appointment Deposit? Yes, here’s why.

A Nail Salon Appointment deposit for efficiency, security and peace of mind.

Nail Salon Efficiency

Nail salon efficiency has a direct effect on nail services pricing. So it’s incumbent upon all nail services providers in Massachusetts to ensure they keep costs low when it comes to office automation, policies and procedures.

You cut down on those areas while ensuring you spend what you need to to ensure you have high-quality materials. Studying your nail salon services operation from top to bottom and performing this kind of analysis ensures you can provide top notch services while keeping costs super low for clients.

Nail Salon income preservation and Protection

Missing nail salon appointments and/or arriving late to nail salon appointments is a thing. It’s a known thing to both client and nail services provider alike. To a client, the only long-term effect might possibly be not being able to go back to their favorite salon or favorite licensed nail tech, but to the salon owner or to the individual nail tech, it’s a massive blow to their overall income.

This is why by 2023 we’re seeing so many nail and beauty salons implement policies and procedures designed to preserve as best it can, it’s ability to generate income. Nail salons strive to ensure they have a “booked solid” day. This is why automated reservation and deposit systems by trusted payment processors have become so prevalent in 2023.


Sugar Nails Salon in New Bedford MA has a $30 deposit on all services.

Sugar Nails Salon applies the $30 deposit directly to the client’s payment for services.

When does Sugar Nails keep a deposit?

If a customer arrives late to their appointment 11minutes or more, the $30 deposit is forfeited and charged as services rendered. What’s important is that clients not make nail salon appointments where there is the possibility they’ll miss it. We’d rather not book it. It can happen once to anyone but more than once might be indicative of a pattern. That directly negatively impacts the nail salon and we’d like to avoid that type of client/salon relationship.

It also negatively impacts the customer who arrives on-time for their appointment. They’ll could be forced to wait because the late-arrival impacts our ability to create a beautiful set of nails. We can’t be forced to rush through a set of acrylic nails (especially). This negatively impacts our ability to create nail art and our customers ability to relax, enjoy themselves, watch a movie, enjoy the peace of mind while we pamper them.

We know that you can understand not making you wait for your nail art. This guideline has proved to be super helpful for our customers. We don’t ever want to waste your time and we want to always provide the very best service experience.

That’s why we try to manage the operations part as smoothly as possible. So that when you arrive, you can focus on enjoying your nail salon experience with our experienced nail tech. Because that nail bling is what this is all about. We can’t wait to see you at your next appointment. Remember to book early because our open nail service spots fill up fast.

Thanks in advance for understanding.

The $30 deposit is also kept in the event of a missed appointment.

The $30 deposit only causes hesitation if it’s your first appointment.

Once you’ve enjoyed having a nail art/design done for you by one of our licensed technicians, you’ll make an appointment effortlessly with peace of mind. An automated, simple reservation system that ensures we only receive serious appointments provides so many benefits for our customers and the salon, that they’re a no-brainer.

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