Nail Art: Part of a fun ongoing series covering nail technology history & origins around the world.

Nail Art Technology throughout the Ages.

Nail Art History: The team hear at Sugar Nails Salon in New Bedford, Massachusetts are fascinated with all things Nails! I don’t think there’s anything we won’t talk about. From celebrity-related nail news to industry-related nail news, we’re extremely excited about having these types of discussions with our friends and community.

Nail art history is covered extensively in our nail salon history series. When discussing nail art and nail art history it is important to consider that the further back you go in history the more those beliefs differ.

Nail Art and nail art design history are topics that come up frequently. But one thing we noticed while researching the topics is that opinions vary about who started using nail cosmetics first. Because use of such cosmetics started thousands of years ago. There are a lot of educated opinions about it.

Another important point is that for many adopters of these forms of ancient nail art or ancient cosmetology, it was for religious and or cultural reasons. It could also be a matter of a special ceremony or event where using the ancient cosmetics could bring the person wearing it greater spirituality or greater beauty or even luck.

Let’s explore some of the culture’s who used ancient nail art in this article.


According to the most prominent historical data, nail dyes were being created in India around 5000 B.C.. According to historians, women used a form of body art called “Mehndi” or “Henna” (called Henna by some) on their bodies and on their fingertips to make themselves prettier.

They used it on their nails as well as one of the first forms of nail art according to nail art history. They are credited with spreading the nail dye trend across Asia.

We imagine that as early as known history and pre-history man has been aware of his or her looks and shared a desire to appear more attractive to potential mates.

Nail art and nail art history are something that we teach at We believe that a nail technician should have a great deal of foundational wisdom about the art they are performing in.


The Chinese are also believed to me amongst the very first dating as far back as 5000 B.C. as well.

According to historians, Chinese aristocrats were known to apply a colored concoction of beeswax, egg-whites, gelatin and gum on the nails turning them the color of crimson or a real dark ebony color.

Around 1100 B.C. it was forbidden to color your nails or to wear them in gold or silver, punishable by death. Nail art and nail tinting were symbols of ones status.


Believed to be the first to take cosmetology “mainstream” per say, the Egyptians are believed to have integrated cosmetology into their everyday lives. For special events & ceremonies. They used mainly products created from berries, insects & minerals. Combining this type of care with nail technology based on staining nails a deep Henna red. They were also known for creating and mixing essential oils of the highest fragrance strengths.

It’s amazing how cultures & peoples divided by oceans still desired the same things in terms of outward beauty. Nail art history have been around a long time. And hopefully, it will be around for a lot longer. As licensed nail technicians further define and refine their skill set, they elevate the art into something above-average. Into something extraordinary.

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